In a single conversation, Michele turned my company around. I went from being ready to quit in 2020 to having my best year ever in my business! This success was followed by another record-breaking year in 2021 and again in 2022. All this happened because my company put into practice exactly what Michele teaches at this event. This story work is life changing!

Yvonne Basten

Working with Dr. Michele has changed my company and my life. I had a huge health challenge in early 2022. Not only did Michele's teachings help sustain me through it, but I fired a client, cut my working hours in half, and kept growing my company through a year where many would have given up. I now have my exact ideal clients coming to ME to ask for high-level design projects - exactly what we've been wanting to do in my company for years! What Michele teaches at Story Freedom really works. It's changed my life. I know it will change yours!

Carly Mossman

Dear Entrepreneur,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You meet with ideal clients but they don’t really get you or what you do. They say, “I’ll have to think about it” and then end up working with someone else.
  • You passionately deliver your signature talk but don’t get the sales you want.
  • The thought of selling makes you kind of uncomfortable because you can’t find the right words.
  • You just wish there was an easier way to bring in clients

If any of this sounds familiar, I invite you to read on because these are actually all story problems.

What most entrepreneurs do NOT know is how to tap into the secret power of story to connect with their ideal clients, create powerful presentations, and have people clamouring to join their tribe.

Even just “presenting the facts,” can become utterly captivating when you incorporate story. And that kind of engagement positively impacts your bottom line.

For example, my client Trish used these principles to go from finding sales stressful and difficult to closing her first $5000 sale on a fun drive home from a talk. Because Trish was tapping into a whole different story, the woman she was chatting with inquired about her services and eagerly signed up for her coaching program the next day.

The quality of your stories is the difference between mediocrity and resounding success.

The right story will catapult you to success and give you the freedom you’re looking for. 

It will transform how you manage your team and your time, what you set as priorities, how you move through your day, how hard you work, how elegant your moves are, how much money you make, and how easy your life is. 

You just need to know how to get the old stories out, and let the new stories live.

Live the life you deserve, be heard, gain confidence, and get your message out with Story Freedom.

1. Gain access to the magic key that will unlock everything you’ve wanted for your business

  • Discover why stories matter so much for your business and how to discern which are the right ones to use. 
  • Stop undermining what you’re trying to accomplish and start telling the stories that will make your business grow.  

2. Learn how to align your inner story with your outer story so that you can finally be heard

  • There are inner and outer stories, and they have to match. If you’re thinking and believing one thing, and telling people something else, it never works. Find out how to discern when you’ve got a Story Misalignment and what to do about it. 
  • Find out how to turn your defeats into victories without having to “re-do” the past. These “learning lessons” are deeply powerful ways to create profound transformation for the people around you.
  • Sculpt the stories that will captivate audiences and create raving fans. When your stories propel people toward their dreams and goals, they’ll be excited to share their victories with others, naturally becoming your most loyal supporters.  

No exaggeration, I walked away from the Story Secrets workshop feeling in my TOES the truth that to master one's aligned story is to heal one's life--personally and professionally. Whoosh! Run, don't walk, to check out Dr. Michele Gunderson's programs. Find out how to transform how you and your business show up in the world, and to attract (not chase) your ideal client to you.

Heidi Osroff Rome

At Story Freedom Live, Michele Gunderson led me to uncover a huge obstacle in my thinking that has been holding me back from getting more clients and growing my business. With the help of Michele's insight, compassion, and skill that goes way beyond the usual, I'm realizing far reaching immediate and amazing results.

MaryKay Hasseman

3. Impact people now, not later, in every area of your business

  • If you can’t always find the right words or you have trouble closing sales, you need a better story. Learn how to tap into the power of story to connect with your ideal clients, close big sales easily, and become known as a leader in your field
  • Discover the key elements to writing a great story in every area of your business. Whether you’re writing copy, figuring out what to say when you meet with people, finding the right team members, or speaking from stage, you need stories that move people to action. Find out how to tap into the power of story to reach people now.  

4. Discover how to turn less than ideal situations into a Success Launchpad to catapult your business and your life

  • Discover how to create an empowering story that eliminates other people’s disempowering stories, so that your own empowering story prevails.
  • Learn what to say – and what not to say – to make an outstanding first and lasting impression.
  • Master the persuasive techniques that work in every area of your business from sales and speaking, to marketing and promoting, to inspiring confidence and leading your team.

5. Stop being perfect, start being passionate

  • Dispense with the flatline stories that put people to sleep! Learn how to tell stories that propel people (including yourself!). Find out how to listen differently to the stories around you, so you can take your business and your life to the next level.
  • What if you could truly fall in love with your life and have it be a great adventure once again? Learn what you need to know from your favourite stories today in order to live that best life now.

Michele Gunderson is an Awesome Teacher - helping you to find your Story Within and aligning it with your Outer Story so that You and Your Story can be heard! Thanks so much Michele Gunderson for your insights and help in crafting mine!

Rita O'Brien

During the jam-packed 3-days of STORY FREEDOM LIVE with Michele Gunderson, I came away with transformative AHAs that will positively impact my speaking, writing, coaching, storytelling and story listening. Michele is a master at helping us dive deep into the world of our own inner and outer stories and those of our ideal clients so we can reach their hearts and minds with the things we offer, thus creating a greater influence with words that matter so much.

Annette Stanwick

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November 6 - 8, 2023 | Virtual Event

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Michele blew away some limiting beliefs I had about storytelling and opened many doors in seeing my clients through different eyes and actually coming into alignment with clarity of a bigger mission I am here to bring forth. Anything is possible for you while being present in her classroom. Plus I met the most amazing women that totally inspired me. I no longer am a Solopreneur.

Emme Simon